I love history, especially the history of the UK..if one is to believe in reincarnation I believe I may have lived in Britan in a former life either in Scotland or Tudor England.

I love period movies such as Braveheart and the two Elizabeth I movies, but I have to wonder why movie makers don't stick to the facts. Braveheart was a good movie but why, when it came to the battle of Stirling did they change the venue? The battle of Stirling was not won on an open field as portrayed in the movie, but was won on Stirling bridge.

The Elizabeth movies I enjoyed too but one has to wonder why some of Elizabeth's most favored men were portrayed wrongly. In the first movie it is insinuated that William Cecil who would later become Lord Burleigh was ' put to pasture' soon after she came onto the throne..and is not portrayed at all in the second movie. However, Cecil was her most trusted counsilor until close to his death in 1598 whereupon his son Robert took over his position.

Sir Walter Raleigh did explore and did in 1584 go to the Americas and did establish new territories naming one Virginia after the queen. In 1585, Elizabeth made him govenor of the new territory. However, it was Sir Francis Drake who did most of the plundering of Spanish ships and turning over the booty to his queen. And it was Drake in 1588 who was named Admiral of the British fleet to fight the Spanish Armada. Drake is mentioned only in passing in the movie shots of the war against the Armada.

My biggest woe-to-you movie makers is the relationship between Elizabeth and Lord Robert Dudley. They had been friends since the ages of eight and that friendship would last until his death in September of 1588 shortly after the Armada victory, and from what I have read in biographies of Elizabeth, she mourned him until her own death 15 years later.
In the first movie it is again insinuated that Elizabeth knew nothing of Dudley's wife but again, according to biographers, she was well aware of his marriage to Amy Robsart and even attended his wedding with her brother and then King Edward VI.

So although these movies are enjoyable it would be a whole lot better if movie makers stuck to the facts instead of changing what is known to be true just for the sake of film making.
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