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Music I listen to

Dire Straits is (was) my favorite band. I adore Mark Knopfler and I think he is the greatest guitar player of all time.

I also love J.J. Cale, Johnny Reid, Cowboy Junkies, Great Big Sea ( Newfie music ),old Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Blue Rodeo, The Eagles, Neil Young, John Prine, and the list goes on.

Movies I like

My favorite movies...

The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Master and Cammander.
Apollo 13.
The Ghost and the Darkness.
Gone With the Wind.
A Beautiful Mind
The Green Mile
Shutter Island
The Shawshank Redemption
All the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I love Johnny Depp

Books that moved me

The Hobbit..J.R.R. Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings.. J.R.R. Tolkien
Outlander.. Diana Gabaldon
Dragonflies in Amber..Diana Gabaldon
Voyager.. Diana Gabaldon
The Da Vinci Code..Dan Brown
Angels and Demons.. Dan Brown
The Lost Symbol.. Dan Brown
Swan Song.. Robert McCammon
The Stand.. Stephen King
The Horse Whisperer.. Nicholas Evans
Clan of the Cave Bear.. Jean Auel
Shogun.. James Clavell
A Whale for the Killing.. Farley Mowat
Snow Walker ( short stories ).. Farley Mowat
Gorillas in the Mist.. Farley Mowat
Alias Grace.. Margaret Atwood
The Blooding.. Joseph Wambaugh
The Six Wives of Henry VIII.. Alison Weir
Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles.. Margaret George
The Bruce Trilogy.. Nigel Tranter
The Agony and the Extasy.. Irving Stone
North and South.. John Jakes
A Boy's Life.. Robert McCammon
Innocent Traitor.. Alison Weir
The Lady Elizabeth.. Alison Weir
Elizabeth the Queen ( biography ).. Alison Weir
The Devil's Punchbowl.. Greg Illes
True Evil.. Greg Illes
Book of Souls.. Glenn Cooper ( awesome book )
Library of the Dead.. Glenn Cooper
Shutter Island.. Dennis Lehane
Guardian of Lies.. Steve Martini
Pillars of the Earth.. Ken Follett
World Without End.. Ken Follett
Under the Dome.. Stephen King ( The BEST King I have read and I have read plenty )

Interesting facts about me

Interesting facts about me...hummm.. well I live in a small ranching community called Pincher Creek in southern Alberta, Canada, which is near the eastern slopes of the Rockie Mountains, and about 30 minutes from the Canada/U.S. border.

I am married to Miles who is and will always be my best friend. We will be celebrating our 36th anniversay in July.

I have two grown kids, Jason and Rebecca, and two beautiful grand kids, Mackenzie and Ethan.

I was raised as a military BRAT ( Born, Raised And Trained ) and have lived in some awesome places like Germany and France.

I am a self taught artist and paint in oils and have converted a bedroom into an art studio

I love history.

I have fallen in love with photography.

I love animals and have become an avid bird watcher and love photographing them.

I am a self taught guitar player...can't read a stitch of music but I have a great ear.

I have three cats, Mickey, Bunny and Pearl and a 100 gallon fish tank. My oldest fish is almost 16 years old.

I love music and my all time favorite is Mark Knopfler. I saw him in concert last July and was in my glory!

I enjoy good movies, but hate going to theatres.

I love to garden.

I hate snow!

I have become very aware of the need for people to STOP using pesticides and herbicides in their it really worth having a flawless lawn at the expense of the bees and butterflies? Bee populations are dwindling and hey people, we can't exist without these marvelous little creatures. So wake up and smell the coffee and stop spraying poisons all over your yard.. is it really that important?

My blog

  1. Wishing Film Makers Would Get It Right

    01/10/10 21:45:36 | 0 Comments

    I love history, especially the history of the UK..if one is to believe in reincarnation I believe I may have lived in Britan in a former life either in Scotland or Tudor England.

    I love period movies such as Braveheart and the two Elizabeth I movies, but I have to wonder why movie makers don't stick to the facts. Braveheart was a good movie but why, when it came to the battle of Stirling did they change the venue? The battle of Stirling was not won on...

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    That is a cute image you left me......thank  you very much for that......doing well and hope you are too.....had a trip to the beach on Halloween, but other than than have not taken many pictures.....Indy is doing fine......she seems to be happy, with her tail wagging like a happy puppy when she gets attention......:)
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    Reply from DebUpNorth:

    Hi Siw..thanks for all the awesome do lovely work.  Hope all is well and I hope you have a great week too.


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